Your home on the vineyard

In vino veritas. It ist an old truth. But far from being the only one.

We have another favourite: the truth of exclusive living.


With a wine paradise on your doorstep

Whether light and fresh or velvety and heavy: nothing beats good wine. It is an
expression of pure pleasure and joie de vivre. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in the middle of a vineyard? Simply step out of the door and you will find yourself in a wine paradise. Go for a walk and you will experience the beauty of the grapes and see the daily work in the vineyard up close. And when you return, you can receive your guests in the evening for a stylish barbecue in the garden. Because the good life also includes true friends and good food.


first-class residential units


hectares of vines


grape varieties

Raising a toast where grapes have been cultivated for over 900 years.

Ideal starting point
Thanks to its central location, the community of Freienbach is the perfect starting point for a wide range of activities. Attractive local recreation areas, the extensive Lake Zurich, the varied pre-Alpine area and the surrounding cities will tempt you to relax and explore in every season. The state-of-the-art traffic systems guarantee quick journeys from end to end and a high degree of mobil­ity in all directions. 


minutes to Zurich


minutes to Zurich Airport


hours to St. Moritz

The idyllic natural surroundings encourage rest, recuperation and relaxation.

Everything you need
Excellent educational opportunities, specialist healthcare and a thriving economy: the community of Freienbach is bound to impress with its high quality of life. Shopping centres, cultural institutions, numerous sports facilities, high-quality restaurants, excellent transport connections and a nature reserve of national importance make this location a preferred place of residence for all generations.


per cent tax rate


villages, one community


islands in Lake Zurich

The Lake Zurich region delights with its rural character and
urban qualities.



All dimensions are approximate and are not guaranteed


House A

5.5-room single-family house

Total living space       265.00 m²

Total usable area       519.00 m²

Total land area            519.00 m²

Number of parking spaces       3

House B

6.5-room single-family house

Total living space        331.00 m²

Total usable area      509.00 m²

Total land area            536.00 m²

Number of parking spaces       4

House C

6.5-room single-family house

Total living space       322.00 m²

Total usable area       519.00 m²

Total land area           670.00 m²

Number of parking spaces       4



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